Case Studies



Aeroflow Breastpumps, a subsidiary of Aeroflow Healthcare, specializes in helping pregnant and nursing moms qualify for their breast pump through insurance.

Once a customer submits their Qualify Through Insurance Form, Aeroflow will contact their insurance to verify coverage and reimbursement, explain to the customer their options, and gather and submit all required paperwork.


Darn Good Yarn

Darn Good Yarn was founded in 2008 by CEO Nicole Snow as an Online Yarn Store dedicated to supporting women’s economic empowerment, fair trade practices, and principles of environment sustainability.

They have helped support thousands of women and their families in India & Nepal by selling a variety of handmade like exotic clothing, accessories, and craft supplies that inspire customers to embrace a creative and an environmentally friendly lifestyle.



KIDBOX was founded in 2016 by CEO Haim Dabah as the go-to source for seasonal clothes for your little ones. It is the first personalized style box that provides parents with a convenient way to dress kids in cool brands at significant savings — all while bonding over the joys of getting and giving new clothes.

For every box a customer keeps, KIDBOX donates clothing to a child in need.


PRO Compression

PRO Compression was founded in 2010 by CEO Eric Smith and Co-Founder Jeff Pennington with the goal of improving circulation, recovery, and performance in athletes. Since then, they’ve expanded their target demographics to include “every walk” — travelers, healthcare workers, and anyone else who’s frequently on their feet.

With over new eye-popping styles added constantly, PRO Compression has become known for their high quality colorful designs, and superior comfort.


Wanderer Bracelets

In 2014, a twenty-one-year-old Ben Katzaman left for Bali and got lost riding his motorbike through the jungle. He stumbled upon a village of talented artisan carvers struggling to make a living and asked them to make a bracelet to bring back to his friends.

Soon afterwards, Wanderer Bracelets was born, creating a reliable source of income for the incredibly talented Balinese.

Each bracelet serves as reminders to embrace what you value most — the people and the places you encounter on the path to life.